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Back looking up on NG

2014-03-19 11:38:07 by ZeroWinger

It's been quite a while since i looked up on Newgrounds again.

It's good to see that there are still great flash movies and games to be found here.

First off i'd like to announce my favorite flashes seen so far on March:

I started off playing Velocity Wings created by: bumblebirds and music by Waterflame, it's based on one of the most addictive apps ever made, yes of course i'm talking about Flappy Bird!

This game took over the right elements only instead of Mario sprites, the author used Sonic sprites, only this is about collecting rings instead of making the distance, the game itself is getting rather popular and i can see why, it's even more addicting then Flappy Bird!

After watching many flash movies again, i can't help it but choose Twitch Draws Pokemon created by: Atpunk.

After Twitch launched a version of Pokémon Red to be controlled by the chatters, things went pretty haywire. This flash sums up the funny and failing moments made while this was ongoing on Twitch, a brilliant flash and it's a great laugh!

I'm also gonna create these monthly (if anyone would ever read this, and since i have too much free time), so others can check out some of my favorite flashes on Newgrounds. :)

Popular threads!

2013-06-10 06:34:03 by ZeroWinger

This is unbelievable.

After re-joining the Video Games forum again, i created 3 topics and all 3 hit the most hot topic!
I started off simple with the Xbox One vs Playstation 4 topic, and it was a hit!
After this i created the Top 3 worst games you've played topic, it also passed as the most popular topic RIGHT AFTER the Xbox One vs Playstation 4.
And since i made a top 3 worst games topic, i also made a Top 3 best games you've played, i was suprised that this became most popular topic after the Top 3 worst games you've played (Hattrick!), as a matter of fact, it still IS the current hot topic in de Video Games forum!
Thanks to you all, these topics gave a lot of thoughts about the upcoming Xbox/Playstation, and what current games are good or bad! Join me and others on the forums and share your thoughts!

Update 2013!

2013-05-26 12:43:43 by ZeroWinger

Since i closed down all my social accounts, i started here in the forums again!
It´s been a long time since i looked it up.
And instantly made a popular topic!

Discuss with me or other users on my Xbox One vs Playstation 4 forum, right here on NG!
Share your thoughts, and i'll try to reply if i got free time!

Update 2013!

Nothing New

2011-10-26 10:20:26 by ZeroWinger

Well since my last note here was on Jan 14th.... I thought it was time for a new one!

Many flashes came by as i rated them, some good and some bad.
Though i haven't been voting recently, i think it's time to pick that up.
Also, i'm still waiting untill the next flash from Alvin-Earthworm, namely the Super Mario Bros Z series.
And for another exiting game i could enjoy, the most challanging game i played untill now is Ching Chong Beautiful made by The-Swain.

Also, i can't seem to change my fav movies and music, i don't even listen chamillionaire or linkin park :P
So yeah, Nothing new except for this actually, Back to voting and playing this useless game on FB! (Friends names and my name removed due privacy)

Nothing New

Far Outta Here

2011-01-14 10:36:21 by ZeroWinger

School still sucks
Work still sucks
and my laptop still sucks
but i might wanna download flash again and TRY (yes TRY) to work and attempt to bring my previous projects back to life :D

might be another time killer then lauging my ass off @ Dot Dot Dot
or looking for lame games like The Pink Knight (i know, wtf but it has to do with Casle Crashers xD)

Active Again

2010-08-19 05:43:27 by ZeroWinger

It's almost been 2 years before a made a new post :o
hope people didn't look out for anything

Back to reviewing, since i'm not longer in high school, i don't have the time to work with flash.
New favorite newgrounds song: Tetris On The Toilet
New favorite flash movie: Still the Mario Bros Z series
New favorite flash game: Well theres sooooo much, i can't decide X_X

Flash News:
Like i said before, i don't have the time

Music News:
Well since nobody sent me an e-mail for a program, i got a better solution.
Band style, but it might not come up for a while, so don't get ur hopes up!

Nobody here knows the real me, don't know my real face or what i'll look like...
Of course i still won't but i can reveal this

Active Again

Fired again xD

2008-09-27 05:14:00 by ZeroWinger

i kinda messed up again so i got fired :P
i had a discussion with my boss and actually said
You want some of this? *raise fist*
bad idea though :P don't try this at work unless you want to get fired xD

- Flash news

The new computer is comin up so won't be long
i stored Ninja Crisis on my cell phone for keeps
it's almost done so just the new computer and done

- Music news

I Need a FULL Fruity Loops or other program
i can't store my music so that's really really lame
anyone can help me?
E-mail to:
Thank You ~

Working Working Working

2008-08-10 05:04:09 by ZeroWinger

I actually got a job at McDonalds {Lawl mcshitalds xD}
it takes way to much time of my lazy ass xD
because working there

even my flash 9 won't run for some reason
Same goes for Fruity Loops 8...

so i'm gonna figure this one out in my FREE TIME {whichi don't have much these days}

Keep reviewin'
Keep Pagin'
Keep Flashin'

Graduated the exams

2008-06-17 05:30:48 by ZeroWinger

I Actually Graduated My Exams :D:D:D:D
i feel sooo happy ^^
i think my project is going to have a little ''pause'' because it's party time {L33T!!!}
But while i have this break
Here's a little Jackass L-Hill Short just to enjoy you NG peeps{Language is dutch sorry}

/* */

Another Computer Crash

2008-06-07 05:38:50 by ZeroWinger

I was just about to finish up my project Ninja crisis, i did a half year to make it
now my computer crashed once again, and i'm afraid the C Drive is broken, where is was saved
i fear for the worst, but i hope my C Drive is ok and then i can submit my work here